The Benefits of Yoga

How This Practice Benefits the Mind and Body

Laura Jones

With the start of the New Year and winter boredom starting to settle in, I have been feeling inspired to try some new activities and hobbies. Yoga is something I have tried out a few times and always loved, but I never really stuck to it or took the time to learn about it. However, I recently decided I want to spend more time practicing yoga, so I decided to go for it and sign up for a class at a local yoga studio with my mom, who has also practiced yoga in the past. After the one-hour Vinyasa Flow class in a 90-degree heated studio, I felt so refreshed, calm, and truly zen. I noticed that my breathing felt much slower and more controlled, and every anxious thought I had experienced earlier that day was no longer present in my head. This is a practice I am determined to incorporate into my life in 2023, and if you are the same, here are some facts and benefits about yoga to help educate about the practice and inspire others to get started. 

The first aspect of yoga that attracts me to it so much is that perfection is not required. There are so many different types of practices, skill levels, and poses, all of which are modifiable and are preached by instructors to listen to your own body and do whatever feels right and comfortable. While some may think yoga can be scary or overwhelming to start, it is not a one size fits all practice, and is actually much more approachable than other forms of exercise or meditation which require precise form or abilities.  

Yoga can provide many physical benefits. The regular practice of yoga can increase strength and flexibility, and possessing these skills can help to prevent injuries with exercise as well as daily life. According to Dr. Nevins of, yoga can help to lower blood pressure and reduce insomnia, reduce lower back pain, lessen carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.  

Lastly, yoga can help introduce you to a whole new community of people! If you are going to a yoga studio, there are many others there learning the practice and the lifestyle, and these people are often very friendly, welcoming, and supportive. If you need a new social crowd, a yoga studio could be the place for you!