Managing Finals Week

How to Have a Frazzle-Free Finals Week at UNH

Laura Jones

No matter what college you go to, finals week can be a super stressful time. You want to ace all your finals, but sometimes the stress that it causes almost just isn’t worth it. However, there is a way to get through finals week, get good grades, and not feel totally overwhelmed all at the same time, especially with the resources at UNH!

First, something I find helpful is if possible, try to get everything that is due that is not for finals out of the way ahead of time. This way, you can just focus on the last assignments or bits of studying left to do for your classes. This may not be helpful though if you have procrastinated (That’s okay, we all do it!).

If you have procrastinated, or even if you have not, one way to make the workload feel less foreboding is to essentially plan out every tiny detail of your days for the week. If you plan ahead how much time you are going to spend on each assignment per day, you will realize that it actually can be manageable, and you might be more inclined to get the work done, since you already know what’s cut out for you.

Another tip is to use all the resources that UNH offers. The Dimond Library puts on lots of events for Frazzle Free Finals week, such as dogs visiting the library for people to pet, and candy being passed out by Healthy UNH!

Lastly, don’t cram so hard that you spend every minute of the week studying and finishing up papers and projects. If you are staring at your computer screen and your notebooks all day, your brain will feel overwhelmed and burnt out, and you won’t be retaining information as efficiently as you think. Doing something like going for a walk around campus, heading for a quick workout at the Rec center, or spending some quality time with friends that isn’t a study date will refresh you, and then you can get back to the studying without feeling so burnt out.

Good luck to everyone taking finals!