KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor

Attitudes & Experiences According to the Public

Misinformation about health care is nothing new, but social media and the rapid pace of scientific development on COVID-19 have both contributed to an environment where unclear information, misinterpretation, and deliberate disinformation can spread more easily than ever. The long-term research project known as the KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor has been collecting data on what people’s attitudes and experiences have been so far after receiving the COVID-19 vaccinations. Through a mix of surveys and subjective research has this study revealed the nature of true public opinion. With that being said the key findings are as follows: 

  • 61% in January up from 49% in November of parents said their child between the age of 12 and 17 have received at least one shot of a Covid-19 vaccine 

  • 21% of parents said that their teens have already gotten the booster  

  • 65% of parents said that their teens will “probably” or “definitely” get the booster 

  • 14% of parents said that their teens will “probably” or “definitely” not get the booster 

  • 50% of parents are worried of the risk that their child will fall seriously ill from covid 

  • 63% of parents said there was no arrival testing before their child returned to school  

          This research has opened my eyes up to the amount of people who still haven’t gotten or plan to receive the Covid-19 Vaccines. Obviously, this Virus isn’t going anywhere so it is our duty as a civil society to stop the spread. It is your choice what you do or do not do but remember what could be at stake, someone’s health. So, remember the next time before running errands to grab you mask on the way out. 

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Gabby Gray