Spotlight On: Mac McNaughton

December 4, 2013


Mac McNaughton

American Airline Pilot

What does health mean to you?: Health to me is a question of balance. When I was an R.A for three years we were taught to stress the importance of having as many aspects of your life in equilibrium as possible. Spiritual, physical, educational, emotional, social etc. That is tough to do when you need to focus so much time on studies, but I found scheduling fun time with friends and getting involved in campus activities both enriching and a great diversion.

What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?: Now that I’m an alumni with one of my kids attending UNH, I find it refreshing how much everyone I meet on campus is involved in some type of group activity. The dorms are offering contest and theme parties, which I believe keeps students in community and active. I have played racquetball at the new rec. center and I am part of a group of adults who support many of the CRU functions on and off campus.

How do you stay fit?: In keeping with my renaissance and balanced personality, I do lots of physical activity: Sanchin Ryu Karate, soccer, yoga, alpine and cross country skiing, water skiing, tennis, golf, hiking and hunting. I have also found what my mom always said holds true, drink plenty of water and get to bed early and your next day will be full of energy. I also find that after I read my Bible in the morning if I spend ten minutes journaling it helps anchor my day.

Do you have any tips for eating healthfully?: Balance once again is key. In my profession as a commercial pilot I am not always able to eat on a normal schedule, so I find it important to snack when I am hungry so that I don’t feel really hungry late at night after a flight and pig out when its late. At home we juice green apples and carrots to get enzymes into us to aid in digestion. Too much of what is in our food supply is processed and cooked robbing us of the natural goodness of the base food.

How do you find motivation to stay healthy?: My wife still looks like she did when I met her 29 years ago, she is amazing and in great shape because we try to do many of the activities mentioned above like karate and skiing together. Since I travel a lot, we try to carve out time just to be together, walk or explore new restaurants. We have found that going on couples retreats to the White Mountains with our church a great way to boost our relationship.

Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making positive changes in your life?: Physically I have found yoga has helped my body, which like many life long athletes is in need of realignment and stretching. Mentally, my wife and I are active in our church and belong to an adult Bible study. We find the closer we are both drawn to Jesus the closer we are to each other.

Anything else you would like to add?: We have found the newsletter Alternatives by Dr. David Williams has a lot of to offer. More importantly the organization is our primary means of receiving nutritional information we rely on to stay healthy. Big picture stuff: I believe you only make three decisions in your life that truly matter. First, who or what you worship, everyone worships something, choose wisely it will have eternal ramifications. Second, whom you choose to marry is the basis for your physical, sexual, emotional and financial health. Lastly, whom you choose for friends. Friends are the sparks, which keep your life interesting.

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