Spotlight On: Brenda H. Whitmore

November 19, 2013


Brenda H. Whitmore

Facilities Project Management

Year Started at UNH: 1987

What does health mean to you?: Health is the ultimate balance between the mental, physical and spiritual resulting in a comprehensive sense of well-being. All three need to be in balance so that I can perform my work to the highest level. Health allows me to build and maintain relationships with my family, friend and co-workers in positive ways. Health allows me to move the ball down the field towards goodness each and every day while making a positive difference here at work and at home.

What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?: I make sure to take care of myself. I engage in organized physical activity every day. I walk to every meeting I can on campus and I encourage my team of project managers to do the same. I also encourage them to make time for themselves and to exercise their minds and bodies every day. I urge balance in all things and I do my best every day to walk the talk. I lead by example. Leading by example illustrates an action motivated life, and action changes everything. People tend to follow leaders of demonstrated positive action and I want to be that kind of leader here on the University Campus.

How do you stay fit?: I stay fit in many ways. I eat healthy, exercise regularly and I meditate. The nutritionist says that if the item contains more than five ingredients, don’t eat it. This has been very helpful. I exercise every day and 4 times a week I practice Isshin Ryu Karate at Quest Martial Arts in Barrington. I began Karate when I was 50 years old and it is the best physical activity that I have ever engaged in. It keeps me physically fit, mentally sharp and spiritually grounded. I am currently a brown belt and working towards improving every day. I walk every day and I kayak as soon as the ice is out of the lake and right up until November. I meditate and take care of myself to reduce stress and I believe in a higher power greater than myself, and that’s easy to do, especially when I think of how amazing the human body is in all that it does and performs on a daily basis, in spite of decisions and actions I choose sometimes. I am thankful that the body is resilient and forgiving.

Do you have any tips for eating healthfully?: Eat fresh local foods when possible, fresh always, eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water and limit red meat and processed foods always. Do not over indulge in anything. Maintain balance in all things and, by choice, keep the bad things out of your body. These are choices that I choose to make every day to the best of my ability. Some days are better than others and that is ok too.

How do you find motivation to stay healthy?: My motivation to stay healthy fundamentally is how I feel. I feel great and when I feel great I have a better chance of being a positive influence on the lives of others.

Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making positive changes in your life?: Oh yes, positive changes in my life have allowed me to maintain a high level of physical and mental activity. My perspective is always half full, and life is good. I am where I am today- mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially because of the decisions I have made. My decisions to be healthy, on all levels, in conjunction with a plan of action to accomplish this goal, have improved every aspect of my life.

Anything else you would like to add?: Being healthy is a proactive positive choice and it benefits not only me but those around me. Healthy people, mentally, physically and spiritually are people we all want to be around. Healthy people are happy people. Being healthy and happy is a choice I make every day when I get up in the morning. Happy, healthy people fill us up and encourage and inspire us. I want to always be the kind of person that others want to have and be around.

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