Plan Your Portions for a Healthier Thanksgiving

November 24, 2014

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For anyone trying to reach or maintain a personal weight goal, Thanksgiving can be a tough holiday. With so many delicious food tempting you, it can be difficult to maintain your healthy habits during the holiday season. Splurging on Thanksgiving dinner can set off a domino effect for eating habits throughout the holidays. Take control of the day and jumpstart your motivation for a happy and healthy holiday season. Incorporating fresh vegetables and produce into Thanksgiving dishes can bring health color and flavor to your table! The USDA My Plate is an excellent resource to increase your awareness of the portion sizes recommended for each food group. Nutritionists recommend that half of your plate should contain vegetables and fruits at each meal. The remaining half should consist of whole grains and protein. Becoming familiar with healthy meal portions should ease your stress during the big holiday meal. For example, take a smaller portion of turkey and chose to go for a second serving of the vegetable medley! When in UNH dining halls, the Wildcat Plate is a great tool to guide portions and healthy food options.

In addition, plan ahead to incorporate physical activity into the time surrounding the day of the Thanksgiving feast. Helping to clean up or planning a walk after the meal will both burn off some extra calories and increase your motivation to resist seconds later in the day. With reasonable portion sizes that don’t sacrifice flavor, Thanksgiving dinner can be both delicious and healthy. Here are some healthier recipes based on original favorite holiday dishes that you can incorporate into your Thanksgiving feast!


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