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November 18, 2014

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When you are addicted to something breaking the habit can be difficult, but what if it was damaging your health? Smoking tobacco is a very common addiction. It’s also expensive. The average cost of a packet of cigarettes in New Hampshire is $5.60. According to the American Lung Association, the average adult in NH smokes 15 cigarettes or less daily. That means the average adult smoker in NH would save $29.40 every week, or $126.00 a month by not smoking!  Keep in mind, these costs don’t include any of the health benefits that occur by quitting tobacco.

Quitting tobacco is easier said than done. Tobacco contains nicotine, which some studies have shown to be just as addictive as heroin. Most smokers want to quit, but it can be extremely challenging. But there is hope! Thursday, November 20 is the 39th Annual Great American Smokeout. Many Americans use this date as the day they will quit or plan to quit. You can too!

UNH staff members have many resources available to them to help them quit:

  • UNH Employee Clinic: will be offering Free Quit Kits in the Dimond Library Courtyard, on Thursday, November 10, 11:30am-2:00pm. Quit Kits are also available at the Health Services Pharmacy. The Employee Clinic also offers staff; health consultations, biofeedback, massage therapy, meditation sessions, and light therapy.
  • The NH Tobacco Helpline has trained counselors who can help you quit for free! The NH Tobacco Helpline right now is offering USNH employees free nicotine patches!
  • The BeTobaccoFree.gov is also a great resource to help your goals.

The Great American Smokeout on Thursday, November 20th can be your day to quit tobacco for good! 

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