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November 17, 2014

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 picture of UNH's indoor Swazey pool
Photo Credit: Brenna Robinson

When the seasons change it is hard to do a physical activity. Luckily our campus offers great physical activities all year round. One hidden gem is the Swasey indoor pool. Swimming is one physical activity that uses all your muscles. The resistance of the water makes body movements tougher without straining your body. It also helps prevent sudden movements that could cause injury. At the gym you are pounding on your legs when you are running or jolting from lifting weights. These actions can cause real damage on your body. The buoyancy of the water prevents you from pounding hard on the bottom.  Receiving a good work out during your swim takes time. You have to be patient in order to see the real results.

When you work out you might just expect to get physical benefits but swimming allows you to receive many more. Swimming is very therapeutic, weather you are recovering from an injury or you are sick swimming can help. It also can help with every day stress. You can just swim without putting much strain on your body. The water allows you to feel weight free and that can be very relaxing. The Swasey pool has paddle boards and float belts you can use if you just want to take it easy.  Bring a friend and make it a fun way to socialize while relaxing, being active, and stress free!

There are more benefits to swimming, so go try out the Swasey pool and find out for yourself! Full time students may use the pool free of additional charges. All you need to do is complete the waiver at campus rec or online.  Campus rec will give you a sticker on the back of your ID once you have completed the waiver. The sicker must to be shown at the time of arrival.   

A membership can be purchased for the public and part time students. Daily passes can be purchased at the pool and will be given by the life guard if you are not interested in a membership. Full time benefits eligible faculty and staff can use the pool for free. A sticker is required on the back of factually ID card with no additional charge. Stickers can be received at the campus rec desk. Lap swim and family swim are open to public, students, and employees that obtain a membership or pass. Additional schedules can be found on the campus rec page.


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