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October 27, 2014

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The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are falling, but that doesn’t mean you have to huddle up for winter quite yet. Campus Rec Outdoor Adventures is offering some great fall trips to stay active outside before the snow falls. It’s mid-semester and many students are getting bogged down with school work, but it is important to continue exercising and getting physical activity even as we start to head indoors more. It will keep you healthy, both physically and mentally, while approaching the second half of the semester.

Campus Rec has a few hikes being led this fall which are a great opportunity to get outside and stay active. Hiking increases cardio-reparatory fitness, muscular strength, improves bone health, helps with weight control, improves quality of sleep, and even improves mental health. An average adult can burn about 350-400 calories per hour while hiking. For a small fee, typically $10-20, Outdoor Adventures includes transportation, instructions, and equipment with the outdoor adventure. Not only is it physical activity, but you will meet new people from UNH and get to see more of this beautiful state firsthand. Why go to gym when you could be outside taking in some crisp New England air?

There are two more hiking trips being hosted in October by Outdoor Adventures, one at Mt. Chocorua and one fire tower hike at Pawtuckaway State Park. The first is an all-day hike and the other is a Halloween themed hike in the evening. Sometimes it helps to get away from the typical gym routine and take on a fun adventure away from campus. Campus Rec offers a range of outdoor activities, in addition to hiking, which create regular opportunities for students to stay active outside.

You can get more information and/or register for the trips right online. Be on the lookout for other Campus Rec Outdoor Adventures throughout the school year!

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