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June 13, 2014

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If you are student who is interested in supporting and helping fellow students with health concerns, then peer education and mentoring may be for you! Peer education and peer mentoring services provided by the UNH Health Services Office of Health Education and Promotion are intended for UNH students who are interested in outreaching to UNH other students who are struggling with certain health issues or concerns by providing education, support and engaging activities. Peer education and mentoring are based on the idea that students can learn best, and relate better to, other students in terms of talking about sensitive subjects. 

Check out some of the programs provided by the Office of Health Education and Promotion and get involved!

SPIN Peer Education

Students Promoting Information about Nutrition (SPIN) is a peer education program that is designed for UNH students to help other UNH students learn about nutrition and ways to enhance the overall well being of students. SPIN peer educators also help set up programs such as the National Nutrition Month expo, healthy dorm living program, cooking classes and grocery store tours!  

S.A.F.E. Peer Education

Substance Awareness through Functional Education (S.A.F.E.) is a program designed for UNH students to actively engage other UNH students in the important information and issues regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. SAFE peer educators help inform fellow students about the dangers of alcohol and drugs, warning signs to look for, how to help a friend with a problem, as well as help encourage students to make safe decisions regarding alcohol and drugs. 

Eating Concern Mentors

Eating Concern Mentors are a peer mentoring program and are trained UNH students who provide individual support and information to fellow UNH students who are struggling with eating concerns and body image, or if they know someone who is. Eating concern mentors are trained to give students information about eating concerns, and are also committed to helping students with eating concerns. Eating concern mentors are also involved with Fat Talk Free Week, Eating Concerns Awareness Week and the Body Project here at UNH!

Recovery Mentors

The Recovery Mentors Program at UNH is a peer-mentoring program in which UNH students are trained to provide support to fellow students who may be struggling with alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Recovery mentors also provide information and appropriate referrals to students who are in recovery or looking to seek recovery 

Be sure to also check out the UNH Health Services Office of Health Education and Promotion website for more information on peer education and mentoring, up and coming programs, events and activities you can participate and volunteer for!

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