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May 28, 2014

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Fitting in a good workout during the work day isn’t always easy; so why not make sure it’s worth it? I try and fit in workouts every other day at the Hamel Recreation Center in between my class schedule. Published in TIME magazine, Jennifer Cohen, a health and fitness expert lists seven workout habits that make your workout more ineffective, and how to fix them. Fixing the following habits will allow you to be a more efficient exerciser:

  1. The elliptical – This machine does not flow with the body’s natural motions, and it is also easy to start off at a good place and then before you know it you’re slacking off. With the treadmill, you use a natural body motion and have to keep up with the pace you set.
  2. Working out for long periods of time at a moderate pace - Slow and steady does not win the race. Cohen suggests giving it 100% for 30 minutes instead of 75% for an hour.
  3. Lollygagging – Come to the gym or wherever you work out with a time frame and a plan. Come with a set workout to complete, and limit water breaks and time you spend texting or checking social media apps on your phone. Make the most of your time by planning ahead, so you can keep that heart rate up while you are working out.
  4. Too much cardio too little strength training – A quick strength training or cross training session with get your heart rate up, burn calories, and develop your lean muscle mass, which works throughout the day to burn calories even after your workout session.
  5. Hydrating with sports drinks - Sports drinks provide an energy boost, but are saturated with sugar and calories. In most cases, water will suffice. If you feel you might need a boost during your workout, try eating healthy snack 45 minutes before your workout. An example would be almond butter on toast.

Visit the article to read all that Jennifer Cohen had to say to enhance your workouts, including her last two tips. With all the various workout equipment and cardio machines at the gym, it can be difficult and challenging to decide what you should do to get the most out of your workout. Try out these tips and discover what works best for you.

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