Don't ditch the dentist!

The dentist may not be everyone's favorite place to go and it may be tempting to ditch a few visits but skipping on these appointment could cause much more harm than an uncomfortable visit.  Just think about all the things we use our mouth for, talking, singing, eating. It's important to keep our mouth healthy so that we can continue using it without any pain.

                While you may think brushing twice a day will be enough, it's actually not. Dentists are trained to look for warning signs that we may not pick up on. They can prevent and detect diseases such as tooth decay and gum disease before they worsen and cause serious damage. Decaying teeth can be covered with crowns in the early stages but once they progress too far, it can be difficult to reverse.

Along with preventing the pain involved with mouth diseases, regular checkups can also prevent you from spending thousands of dollars. At the early stage, crowns and fillings usually can cost a couple hundred dollars, this may sound like a lot but if you wait until the disease progresses and you have to get a root canal, it could cost upwards of a thousand dollars! The more time you spend putting off going to the dentist, the more money it will cost when you do go. It can be a bit of a viscous cycle for people with low incomes. They can't afford a regular checkup so they skip their appointment, then they assume everything is fine and they skip a few more appointments.  Years go by without going to the dentist and suddenly they have terrible pain in their gums and they finally make an appointment to see a dentist. Once there they are told they have gum disease and need all of their teeth pulled out. It may sound like an extreme situation but it's really not. A survey from the American Dental Association shows that adults making less than $30,000 per year are more than twice as likely than those earning $30,000 or more to have had all their teeth removed. In oral health, prevention is extremely important.

               In order to avoid agonizing pain and dental bills, have your teeth checked every 6 months. Also continue brushing and flossing twice a day. Remember that paying money for the dentist now will ultimately save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and plus who doesn't want a nice clean smile? :)