Eating Well for Public Health Week

April 10, 2014

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Stuart Miles

Public Health Week is recognized as April 7th to the 13th. One of the themes for this movement is eating well, which is being recognized on April 10th. The National Public Health website contains information on what government agencies are working on to improve food choice and eating habits among Americans. There are many ways that UNH has tried to encourage students and staff to make healthier choices. The following are resources and programs provided by UNH to create a healthier campus in terms of eating well:

  • Health Services – Health Services is located on campus at 4 Pettee Brook Lane, and offers many resources on nutrition and wellness. As seen on their website, The Office of Health Promotion provides a variety of options for those looking for assistance with food and nutrition. Eating concerns education and counseling is available to UNH students who have paid their health fee, and want to talk to fellow trained students about an eating concern or disorder. Health Services lists other educational programs such as the YUMEE, Nutrition Lecture Series, Cooking Classes, and information on the SPIN Peer Education. Check out the website for full information on what Health Services offers, and how you can get involved.
  • UNH Dining ServicesUNH Dining Services are heavily involved in promoting good nutrition and healthy choices on campus. Rochelle L’Italien is a registered dietitian who works for UNH Dining Services. Rochelle is available to students or staff who have concerns with making better choices in the dining hall, or with special diets or intolerances. The dining hall also contains foods with food labels containing Guiding Stars so people can see if the food they select has been rated as nutritious.
  • Healthy UNH – Located on the second floor of Hewitt Hall, Healthy UNH is an initiative on campus working to making UNH the healthiest campus community in the country by 2020. The Healthy UNH website contains numerous resources to students and staff on mental health, nutrition, physical activity, programs run by UNH and health cost. Healthy UNH partnered with UNH Dining Services to launch the Wildcat Plate. This new plate is found in all of the dining halls, and is based off of My Plate. This portion controlled plate attracts students to think about the different food groups they can put on their plate, specifically fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and lean protein.

We are lucky at UNH to have programs that are designed to help students and employees make better choices when it comes to eating well. With the large variety of food options, it is not always easy to make the right decisions. However, knowing how to make better food choices makes all the difference, and Health Services, UNH Dining Services, and Healthy UNH all have numerous resources available to help with that. Celebrate Thursday, April 20th by trying a new way to make more nutritious choices!

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