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March 21, 2014

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Holly Reville

You may have seen the sisters of SIS performing at local events, such as UNH homecoming, Relay for Life and Apple Harvest Festival in Dover.For those of you aren’t familiar, Sisters in step is UNH’s premiere all female hip hop and step team.Formed over a decade ago, SIS is a student run organization consisting of twenty girls who share the goal of promoting sisterhood and unity through step.Step dancing is general term used to describe any form of dancing where the emphasis lies in the footwork.A lot of people tend to automatically envision the traditional Irish step dance, when they hear the term.The form of step dancing that SIS performs is referred to as "stepping" and has African roots.I have been dancing since I was two years old and joined Sisters in Step three years ago so I could continue my love of dance.

 Taking up dance is not only a great way to get involved on campus, but a study conducted by the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent medicine found a positive relationship between dance and improved mental health in young adolescent females. Researchers studied teenage girls struggling with problems including neck and back pain, stress, anxiety and depression. They found that exercise in the form of dance has been shown to promote positive feelings, enhance confidence to cope with problems, and increase confidence and self-control. Of course, you don’t have to be an experienced dancer to reap these health benefits. Consider taking up a fitness dance class at the gym or getting involved with one of the dance groups here on campus! Sisters in step holds annual auditions at the beginning of every fall semester.

 Sisters in Step will be hosting their annual semester show this coming spring on May 9th and 10th at UNH’s Johnson theatre. This semester’s theme is “Disney Gone Bad: famous fairytales with a twist” and promises to be an entertaining night filled with music, comedy and dance. So be inspired and come check the ladies of SIS rock it out on stage! Additional information can be found on the UNH SIS Facebook page

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Looks like fun! The annual semsester show sounds like a great activity to do to break up finals studying time! 

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