Weight training- A great way (for anyone) to stay in shape!

Have you been getting tired of the same old cardio routine at the gym?That happened to me Junior year of High school, I ran track and cross country and suddenly running got well kind of boring.That’s why I took a weight training class.10 pounds of muscle later I still love pumping iron to this day! 

One of my favorite benefits of weight training is that it is a great stress reliever!After studying for hours I love to go to the gym and sweat out my stress.Lifting weights also helps increase bone density.Weight training is a great way to get toned, and believe me you will not bulk up!Here are more reasons to try strength training!

How to get started:

  • First things first, never be intimidated to use the weights area in the gym.I know it can be a little awkward at first while you learn some basic moves.  But in no time you will be a natural!
  • Start slow.Never go straight for the big weight.Form is much more important then how much weight you use.Also start with a day or two per week, for an hour, and slowly increase.Always have a spotter when increasing weights.
  • Go to the gym with a plan.I enjoy having designated leg days, biceps/back day, etc. Figure out what works for you!
  • Listen to your body.Always be paying attention to how you are feeling.Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.  Be aware of soreness and never over work your muscles.
  • Try a strength training class at the Hamel Rec center!

I also wanted to highlight some of my favorite moves that give you the most bang for your buck:

The Squat.  Feet planted, little more then hip width apart, and heels stay on ground the entire time. Bend down as if sitting in a chair, going to 90 degrees, and come back up.

Kelsey bench pressing photo

Bench. Have bar directly over eye level to start, place hands equally apart, while lying flat on the bench. Bring bar down to chest and straight back up (exhale on the raise, inhale when lowering).

Kelsey bench pressing photo

Hang cleans.  This exercise is a little harder to explain, but hits many muscles.

Try strength-training exercise today!
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