Road Races, Running for a Good Cause

Whether you were a track star in high school or just like to jog from time to time, road races are a great way to get physically active while also supporting a good cause. Road races almost always include a wide variety of people, young and old, with faster and slower paces. Even if running is not your favorite activity, most road races also include walkers. Being in a large group of people makes a timed course much less intimidating. The energy of a road race is always so much fun. Everyone is excited and happy to be part of a great event. There is also usually food, drinks, and an award ceremony at the end. If you register early, some races will even offer a free event t-shirt.

Running In the USA is a great website with a full listing of upcoming road races around New Hampshire. Most of the listings have a link to the race's page where you can learn more about the cause, registration fee, and running course. Find a cause that you are interested in such as breast cancer or autism. Knowing that you are making a difference is great motivation to the finish line.

Road race distances can range from just a few miles to a full marathon. If you are a beginner, start with a shorter distance and slowly work your way up. It is fun to see if you can beat your last time or go a little bit farther in distance. Do not forget to save your running bibs to show off all your hard work! Running with friends and family make a road race even more fun, so try to get as much people as you can involved. Chances are they will be glad you asked, after all, who does not love free food and a t-shirt?  At the end of the race, you will walk away not only feeling great physically, but you will also have a great sense of pride and accomplishment.