Five Steps to Sustain a Relationship

Breakups in college are the absolute worst. All you want to do is be home with family, cuddle up with a good movie and a tub of ice cream. The problem is, you have classes and other important obligations to attend to. So how can you avoid this? How can you avoid the heartbreak? These five steps can help you create a healthy, long-lasting relationship and help avoid the painful breakup blues.

Step 1: Fall in love all over again. Remember why you were drawn to your partner. Try taking a trip, or start going on dates again. Flirt, be silly, and keep things fresh and new. The key is to grow together, even while you are traveling on separate paths in life.

Step 2: If you are having problems, confront them. If you mask problems and pretend like they do not exist, the problems will keep growing. If you do not fix the main issue, many other little problems will start to build on top of it. Do not be afraid of confrontation.

Step 3: Always keep communication lines open. I think that this is the number one key to a strong relationship. Express concerns or fears that you have. If your partner loves you, he/she will accept any concerns you have with open arms.

Step 4: Tend to your partner’s needs. Show emotion and empathy towards them. Always be aware of what your partner needs more of; whether they are emotional, physical, or intimate needs.

Step 5: If you cannot fix the relationship yourself, try seeking a counselor or therapist who can open the lines of communication for you and your partner.

My boyfriend always tells me that if we ever get in a fight, or ever have a disagreement, we have to just stop and look deep into each other’s eyes. We will see why we love each other and how lucky we are to have each other. All problems will disappear and we will see why the arguing does not really matter and the relationship is really the only important thing.