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April 15, 2013

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The end of the semester is approaching quickly and with that comes a mixture of excitement and dread. While everybody seems ready for the change of pace that summer brings, students don’t seem quite as excited about the end of the year projects, papers and exams looming in the distance. While these things are unavoidable, there are ways to prepare for finals while limiting stress levels. 

Start Early

I know it can be difficult to start studying or preparing a project ahead of time. For a long time I was a chronic procrastinator. At some point I realized that the amount of stress trying to do things at the last minute caused a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. Instead of preparing a few days before the deadline or test, try creating a schedule 3-4 weeks in advance. If you schedule little tasks to be done each day or little bits of studying to complete, by the time you get to the week of the exam you will have a good portion of your studying done and a lot less stress. 

Put it in Perspective

Thinking of an exam or a project as the most important thing in your life can be stressful! While some projects and exams are key components to earning a good grade, try to think of the worst-case scenario. If you don’t get a great grade on the exam what are your options? Usually you can talk to your professor or if you have to re-take the course. The world has never ended because someone didn’t get the grade they wanted on an exam or project, so try not to make yourself feel like it will!

Take Breaks

While you are studying it can be difficult to remember to take some time for yourself. It is always important to incorporate activities in your day that you enjoy, especially when you have a stressful event coming up. Try scheduling at least an hour each day to do something you enjoy. Even better, try to make some of that hour physical activity! Drop-in to a yoga class, go for a run or a walk or play some sports down at the Rec Center. All of these activities are wonderful because not only are they fun but they also help you to relieve stress and regain focus.

Preparing for finals is a challenging time in the semester… I hope you can use some of these tips to help make it a little less stressful. Also, don’t forget to stop in and visit Healthy UNH at Frazzle Free Finals in week! 

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I love this! I always get so stressed out during finals week! I like these tips a lot! I will definitley put them to use during finals week this year!

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