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April 8, 2013

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Originally I planned on writing a blog about food labels because they are quite different here in England. I found a few sites about the regulations but they were very dry and I could not imagine writing anything overly thrilling with such dry material. After becoming frustrated I began looking into foods that are banned here in the UK. While on the quest for this information I came across a fascinating company that uses “past-sell-date” foods. This immediately intrigued me so I had to read more. This is one of the most exciting aspects of researching for a blog article. Almost every time I have a topic idea I come across something else or something more interesting. For those of you just dying to know about food labels and banned foods in the UK, do not fret, they are coming, but I have to tell you about this company first!

It is called Food Cycle. This brilliant company started five years ago, tackling a slew of major concerns in any community: wasted food, hungry people, healthcare costs and those who want to help out in their community somehow. Food Cycle funds what is called a “hub” in a community. A hub is a group of volunteers that want to help feed less fortunate people in their community. There are criteria that must be met in order to become a hub. Once a hub is established, it remains for years at a time. The hub collects food that retailers can no longer sell because they are past their “sell by” date. They are not expired foods, so this is still legal. They also use professional kitchens that are not in use, to cook nutritious meals for those that cannot afford to do so themselves.  According to the company there are about  4 million people who cannot cook healthy meals for themselves. Because these 4 million cannot afford food for themselves they become malnourished which costs the UK  government 13 billion pounds (about 20 billion US dollars), since most of their healthcare is paid for by the government. Food Cycle is not only helping communities to feed the hungry it is helping the country economically as well. This company excited me so much I have been looking for hubs around me here in London. I’ve found three that I plan on emailing. Hopefully I’ll be able to volunteer at one and blog about how it goes! Explore the website some, it is really a fantastic company!

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