The Key to Vitamin D

Over the years Vitamin D has not been one of the most commonly talked about vitamins. Despite not being a frequent topic of discussion among the general public, Vitamin D plays a critical role in health. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Vitamin D has many health benefits. One of the main roles Vitamin D plays is aiding in calcium absorption and bone health. Without adequate Vitamin D a person runs the risk of developing weak and misshapen bones or even Osteoporosis. In addition to bone health it is thought that Vitamin D has the potential to reduce the risk of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension and other medical conditions. To put it simply, Vitamin D plays an important role in many areas of health!                       

Although the body can create Vitamin D many people do not get enough. When a person spends time in the sun their body is able to create Vitamin D. Between working indoors and living in cold climates where they don’t spend much time outside, many people don’t create enough Vitamin D on their own. Luckily there are other sources! A few of the best sources of Vitamin D include Eggs (make sure to eat them whole since the Vitamin D is found in the yolk!), tuna, salmon and fortified milks and juices. If none of those foods are appealing, Vitamin D supplements are also available.

During the winter months spent inside it’s tough for the body to create all of the Vitamin D you need, so take the time to choose foods to fuel your body and provide you the vitamins you need! To learn more about Vitamin D’s role in health, read more visit the University of Maryland Medical Center website.