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January 16, 2013

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Medical maladies and mishaps are bound to happen to each individual at least once in their lifetime. Whether it is a misdiagnosis, an improper stitch sewn to your wound, or even just the lack of funds to pay for a treatment at that moment.

However, Julie Rovner from NPR states, “there's at least one good thing about the country's inability to control health costs. If you can write a compelling essay about a problem, you could win a thousand bucks.”

Rovner goes on in her article that a non-profit organization called Costs of Care that is awarding four prizes this year to the winners who write an essay about either how doctors helped them avoid incredibly high health costs, or how they fell victim to our country’s ever-increasing medical expenses.  

Costs of Care, as Rovner notes, “[was] founded by a young doctor and a group of medical consultants, has the goal of teaching physicians to be more aware of the economic aspects of health care. Or, more specifically, illuminating how the decisions doctors make affect what their patients wind up paying.”

This sort of non-profit is both enlightening for the medical community and for the patients who receive medical care. It empowers both parties to become knowledgeable about how a doctor should help a patient try and avoid as many unnecessary payments as possible, and how a patient should be proactive in their decision-making.

So if you, or someone you love has had a success story of how their doctor saved them money, or unfortunately have had the opposite happen to you or them – direct them to the Costs of Care website where they can find out more about opportunities to win money for their story.

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