Exercise More, Live Longer!

Physical activity’s importance has been drilled into our minds since elementary school. There are so many reasons to fit it into our busy schedules; stress relief and weight management being just a couple of those reasons. However, recently, researchers have found even another motivation for us to engage in regular physical activity.

Research done at the National Cancer Institute found that people who regularly exercise (at least 1.25 hours a week of vigorous physical activity) can lengthen their life expectancy by up to 4.5 years. The researchers said that even more health benefits are attained by exercising for 5 hours each week. The report found that there is a correlation between the amount of time each week spent exercising and the average length of life expectancy gained. So the more you exercise, the longer your life can be. The researchers also found that if one has heart disease or another chronic condition, the association between physical activity and lengthening life expectancy was even better.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that with its plethora of benefits, physical activity is something we should all try to get enough of.  Check out the article here