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September 4, 2012

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Grant Cochrane

We learn about the food pyramid
early in life so we already know how to eat a balanced meal. There are some
foods however, that are better than others. These are called “superfoods”.
These foods can help boost immunity, and decrease the risk of some diseases and
cancers. Some can even fight wrinkles, improve memory, and help you lose and
keep weight off! It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. Foods
really can have these effects on you, maybe not instantly, but they will make a
difference when you incorporate them into your daily diet. Like they say, “you
are what you eat”; so be super and eat these superfoods, according to Health Magazine:

  • Greek
    is all the rage right now! This is awesome because it is chock full
    of great nutrients. Greek yogurt has two times the protein as regular yogurt,
    plus just one cup satisfies a quarter of a woman’s Calcium needs. Some studies
    have even found that it boosts immunity. One should try for three servings a
    day. This may sound like a lot, but you can find tons of things to mix it with,
    such as granola, fruit, or nuts. You can also use it as a sour cream
    replacement in tacos or baked potatoes.
  • Olive oil
    is so frequently used it is easy to incorporate into your diet. This is
    convenient because olive oil is important for a healthy heart and improved
    brain function.  Two tablespoons a day is
    a good amount to shoot for. Try to use it in place of butter and other cooking
  • Wild
    are truly magical berries; they decrease blood pressure,
    increase motor skills, AND they prevent memory loss. These qualities alone are
    fantastic, but what’s even more exciting is that they are high in antioxidants
    which help prevent wrinkles! Sounds like something you would read about in a
    Harry Potter book, doesn’t it? Choose wild blueberries over industrially grown
    blueberries because they score high in antioxidant activity tests. Aim for half
    a cup daily to get all their magic power!
  • Broccoli
    is high in many nutrients including vitamins C and A, folate, calcium, iron,
    potassium, and fiber, plus it fights excess estrogen which helps prevents
    breast cancer. Broccoli also helps you feel more satiated, helping you either
    lose or maintain weight, depending on what your goal is. Two cups a week should
    do it.
  • Oats help
    lower cholesterol and are high in fiber. A high fiber diet helps to keep you
    regular, which is crucial in preventing colon cancer. Oats, along with broccoli,
    do an excellent job at keeping you fuller longer. Try to get steel cut oats
    because they have more fiber. You need 25-30 grams of fiber every day, so add
    oats to everything!
  • Walnuts are
    often forgotten when it comes to nuts because almonds tend to hog the
    spotlight. Walnuts can help you sleep, increase brain power, prevent heart
    disease, and fight cancer. Put them in banana bread or your brownies, so you
    don’t feel as guilty when you eat them. Aim for about 12 halves per day.
  • Dark
    Yes chocolate! It surprisingly helps you eat less, if you eat it
    before a meal, because it slows down your digestion. Sneak a little dessert
    before dinner and enjoy it. Try not to eat more than the size of a business

The best part about these
superfoods is that you can put them together in a meal and create a supermeal,
(not to be confused with a “Happy Meal”). Try oatmeal, chocolate, and walnut

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