Northeast Passage Making Strides at UNH

March 16, 2012

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For those of you who might not know, the UNH College of Health and Human Services is home to the nationally renowned and innovative non-profit organization called Northeast Passage, providing therapeutic recreation and adaptive sports for those with disabilities. Guiding principles of the organization include promoting client independence through education and problem solving, creating opportunities, and collaborating with others to create a strong network of accessible recreation. “Research has shown that regular participation in physical activity has a positive effect on the rehabilitation process, self-esteem, education, employment, and overall health” and Northeast Passage honors this through their Recreational Therapy program. This offers wellness education, fitness plans, functional skill development, community integration, resilience techniques, and resource and network development. There is a community/home based program that works with veterans on a one to one ratio to help them utilize the most of their community as well as a school based program that is designed to work with parents, students, administrators, therapists and teachers to provide an equal opportunity to disabled students. Northeast Passage also provides the option to rent equipment needed for activities such as cycling, golfing, power soccer, skating, skiing and snowshoeing, even if you just need a wheelchair, the options are endless and you have the freedom to take the equipment where ever you want. You can easily rent equipment online under their “equipment rentals” tab.  If you are interested in becoming a therapist and teacher for Northeast Passage, UNH conducts clinical research and practical classroom and living lab teaching. Any one is welcome to apply for a position, intern or volunteer and the doors of Northeast Passage are always open to visitors.

Northeast Passage is affiliated with the U.S. Paralympics and has recently gathered much attention at UNH after receiving Paralympics grants for disabled veteran activities. The program plans to use the $150,000 grant to launch the New England Veterans Paralympic Regional Development Program and $17,000 for its Paralympic Sport Club. “With the larger grant, Northeast Passage will help build a pipeline for veterans with disabilities to access community adapted sports and recreation programs”. Sounds like a great organization doesn’t it? If you would like to get involved with Northeast Passage at UNH, sign up to volunteer on their website. 

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