Ski Your Way to Fitness

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to work out more and lead a healthier life? Are you bored of doing the same old workout everyday? Well luckily, the UNH Outdoor Adventure Club can help! On February 14th, they will be hosting a Moonlight Cross Country Ski event across Medums Pond. It only costs five dollars and it includes transportation and ski gear. The event is from 6pm-9:30pm and you must sign up by February 13th at the front desk of the recreation center. The Outdoor Adventure Club holds many exciting events all throughout the semester and it’s a great way to get involved, meet new people, and get a great workout!

Cross country skiing is a fantastic total body workout as it requires virtually all muscles to be used. Some of the obvious muscle groups used are your arms and legs. You arms work by exerting you forward through the snow, and your calves and thighs are also required to keep you balanced and ski further through the snow. What some people may not know though is the many benefits skiing has on your heart and lungs. It has been researched that the combination of an upper and lower body workout places a greater workload on the heart-lung system than any other sport in the world. Since so many different muscle groups are demanding oxygen from the heart due to how hard they’re working, skier’s hearts are larger and move blood more efficiently. It also has been cited that if you usually exercise by running, cycling, or swimming that skiing is a terrific off season sport as skiing works some of the same muscles while not putting as much strain on others. For instance, when we run long distances, heavy pressure is placed on our knees. However, skiing can alleviate this pressure and allow you to ski longer distances than you’re used to running.

This club also has a table set up in the Hamel Recreation Center from time to time where you can find more information. So don’t let your boring workout let you break your resolution. Get involved and get fit!