Motivation at your Fingertips

In a recent post by Katrina Heisler, she discussed the different apps that are compatible with iPhones to help us stay motivated to hit the gym and how as little as text messaging could contribute to weight loss. Well another app to add to the list is "Nexercise".  Nexercise is a free app available to all iPhone owners that tracks different physical activities and rewards users with free and discounted merchandise. These physical activities range from weight training and running to fencing and polo. Co-founder, Benjamin Young, states that, "We're trying to create a lifestyle - not a quick fix.”

In the article published in the Hartford Courant, users of this app can accumulate points not only for exercising but also for other healthy behaviors. “When you exercise on a rainy day or with a friend, the program allows you to earn bonus points as well. So what are the rewards, you may ask? Prizes range from $5 gift cards and coupons off energy bars to $250 gift cards. The more points you accumulate gives you a bigger chance at winning a cool prize! “Receiving prizes is more of a lottery rather than direct redemption. Users with the more points have greater chances of winning prizes, and those that have reached higher levels have more access to valuable prizes.” Just think how cool it would be to win various different prizes because you stayed loyal to your workout regiment. Not only are you doing something wonderful for you’re health but you’re also being rewarded in a great way! How do you motivate yourself to workout?