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October 28, 2011

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Trying to lose weight or find the motivation to get to the gym? There’s an app for that. Gone are the days of technology holding back the couch potatoes, technology has now made it easy enough to have a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. There are hundreds on weight loss apps on the market for your smart phone that can help you track how much you’re eating, how many calories you burned on your run, fitness tips, and even personalized workout plans. Who needs a trainer or even a gym when all you have to do it turn on your phone? Men’s Health Magazine compiled nine of the top fitness apps available to help you pick which ones are worth using for your weight loss program. 

Don’t stray too far from your phone, USA Today released an article that even text messaging could help with your weight loss!  Temple University recruited college students to test whether a Facebook tool sending reminders with diet and fitness advice could help them lose weight. The students in the Facebook-Plus group were sent text messages of encouragement and suggestions, as well as having the opportunity to receive feedback on their nutrition and exercise regimens. These students lost on average 5.3 pounds while the students who were not part of the group lost only a half pound.  Researchers at Temple “really wanted to mimic a face-to-face treatment with text messaging” which is what often makes sessions with nutritionist and trainers so successful for those struggling to lose weight. Perhaps this will become a popular weight loss tool in the future, but for now remember, your phone is your friend!

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