Cook Your Way through National Nutrition Month

Let’s face it, living on your own as a college student doesn’t exactly include homemade meals hot out of the oven, and Ramen and frozen pizza ends up on the menu more often than not. But why shouldn’t we be eating as well as we might if mom had cooked us dinner at home? As adults it is about time to learn how to cook delicious and healthy meals because it is an important skill that is used through out the rest of our lives. Cooking can be easy and fun, but if you’re especially scared of the oven, signing up for a free cooking class might be a good idea. While you might not have the money, time, or utensils needed to cook an elaborate dinner, you can cook a healthy, quick and inexpensive meal! Don’t give up and tie on your apron, UNH Health Services and Dining Services is here to help!

Why not practice what is preached from March’s National Nutrition Month by signing up for UNH Health Services “Good Eats Healthy Cooking Class”. This is a free four week cooking class that meets every Wednesday beginning March 23 to April 13 from 6:00pm-8:00pm. This hands-on class held in Stillings Dining Hall is a great way to learn new cooking skills, practice what you already know, and eat a healthy, nutritious meal. You can register here at the UNH Health Services website.