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December 16, 2010

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Eating healthy during the holidays can often be a challenge. There is so much delicious food and often times too many options to choose from…that you just have to try everything. I usually have a hard time deciding between cookies, brownies, and apple pie. Even aside from dessert, many times people over eat main course meals as well. This is a common problem for almost everybody during the holidays but there are ways to help!

A new trick to try this year when baking and preparing for the holidays is to add fiber and nutrients to your recipes. One helpful solution to make treats a little healthier is to replace white flour with a form of whole wheat flour. The absorption of the flour is a little different so the recipe may have to be altered a small amount, but your end product will still come out tasting delicious. Another idea is to replace some of the chocolate or candy mix-ins with dried fruits or nuts. Although you may replace the chocolate, you won’t replace the “sweet” and you will be adding protein and fiber! Two recipe ideas to try are: pecan cinnamon wafer cookies and cranberry-orange pistachio bars - both offer great alternatives to the typical holiday treat.

When it comes to other holiday eating tips, Healthy UNH collaborated with UNH’s Registered Dietitians, Rochelle L’Italien from UNH Dining and Suzanne Sonneborn from Health Services. Together they provided a series called “Tis the Season…Make Mindless Eating Work for You!”. The interactive series was designed for UNH faculty, staff, and students to learn how to make holiday eating successful. For those who are curious or looking for helpful hints, this might be just right for you! Check out the website to watch the presentation and pick up some tips about mindless eating before you head home for the holidays.

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Thank you about those valueble advices about healthy eating. I love tasty food and cannot immagine a holiday without a holiday meal! But it is very important to me to ensure that the meal is not only delicious, but also healthy. That's why this article is just what I needed. I will use your tips and check the website you mention.

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