Student Health Fee

As an out-of-state student, whenever that time for the tuition bill comes around, I often find myself bewildered as to how much money we pay. Where is all this money going? What are we paying for? There is one category that many students may not even pay attention to: Mandatory Fees. So what are these Mandatory Fees and what do they do for us?

One of these fees that is actually fairly important is the Health Fee. For 2010/2011 the fee is $288.50 per semester or $577.00 per year. This may seem like a lot of money for a college student but it’s actually not if you realize what you can get for it! This money goes toward coverage at UNH Health Services and the Office of Health and Education Promotion. Contrary to what some may believe, health services isn’t just a place to go when you’re sick. They offer counseling services, helpful wellness information, testing, events, and even massages! With the fee, students are able to get many of the benefits at little to no cost.  The fee covers: Appointments (with physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners) - which at a normal doctors office you have to at least pay a co-pay. It also covers the cost of appointments for counseling, wellness educators, and nutrition counseling. In addition, most X-Ray costs are covered, some prescriptions, some lab tests, and presentations or classes that are offered.  As a comparison, for a foot X-Ray at Health Services (if you had UNH Health Insurance) you would pay about $7. If you were to pay for the same thing out of pocket (with no insurance) at Portsmouth Regional Hospital it would cost: $455 and at Wentworth Douglass Hospital: $488! Those numbers demonstrate just a small part of how expensive health costs are outside of UNH.

These options are just a few of the resources offered at Health Services. Although the fee may seem high, UNH is less than UMASS at $654 per year and a little over URI at $480 per year. It’s important to take advantage of the resources you still have a student because after school…those fees and services become a lot more expensive!