Breakfast is essential

As a child, it’s common for most people to hear from parents or doctors, “Eat your breakfast.” But as we get older and lifestyles change, a lot of people fall out of the trend of making sure they eat breakfast. As college students, life changes with dorm life or when you’re living on your own.  As the September is in full swing, classes are getting busier and activities are picking up. However, it is SO important for your overall health and body weight to eat what could be considered the most important meal of the day. 

Busy schedules and skipping breakfast doesn’t just work for college students. Eating a well-balanced, healthy breakfast is essential to everybody! An article from the Journal of American College of Nutrition shows  overall breakfast sets your balance for the rest of the day. In addition, it’s not only eating A breakfast but eating A healthy well-balanced meal.  It is important to have a breakfast that consists of protein, grains (such as whole grain breads or cereals) and fruits. A combination of these types of foods helps to keep your energy level up throughout the day. If you were to only eat a bagel for breakfast, you would probably experience an energy crash later on in the day (which would be worse for your hard classes or busy schedule than if you took a few minutes in the morning to include more substance).  If you only eat a breakfast sausage, you’re helping to increase your protein and energy levels but not providing the other nutrients your body needs.

In addition, people often skip breakfast in an attempt to manage their weight. But…in reality your actually causing a negative effect in doing so. By skipping breakfast, it can often lead to more snacking later on in the day, increasing food intake. Some good ideas for quick and healthy breakfast options on the go include: fruit, yogurt, & granola; a whole grain bagel with peanut butter and a piece of fruit; a trail mix made of whole grain cereals, nuts, and dried fruit; or even some instant breakfast options. Just remember, for a great start to the day, DON’T SKIP IT!

For information about breakfast, please visit the Journal of the American College of Nutrition.