COVID-19 Resources

Healthy UNH strives to highlight health and wellness resources and bring them to the attention of the community. This listing of resources about COVID-19 is, and will remain, a work in progress. It is not intended to be an exhaustive summary, but it does include information we think is important. If you think something should be included, please send it our way by emailing

COVID-19: Simple Answers To Top Questions
This comprehensive guide from the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) provides an overview of the virus, how it affects people, how it can be contracted, and information about testing.

Governor’s Declaration Of A State of Emergency And Emergency Orders
This web page includes all emergency orders issued by Governor Chris Sununu regarding COVID-19.

Health & Wellness Health Alert
UNH Health & Wellness developed this information page months ago to act as the University’s official health information page regarding COVID-19.

How To Manage COVID-19 Risks As You Leave Your Cocoon
As states begin to roll out plans for opening up businesses and communities, we should all think about how and when we might want to expand our bubbles in a safe and measured way.

New Hampshire Public Health Alerts
This webpage, developed by the NH Division of Public Health Services, includes all COVID-19 health alerts.

State Of New Hampshire COVID-19 Resources
This webpage, developed by NH Department of Health and Human Services, provides an overview of COVID-19 cases in the state.

Screening K-12 Students For Symptoms Of COVID-19: Limitations And Considerations
Use this CDC document for guidance for K-12 schools on COVID-19 symptom screening as part of a school reopening process.

COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ's
Use New Hampshire Medical Society's FAQ's about the COVID-19 vaccine to help answer your questions about the vaccine. 

How Young People Can Own Their Health Care (Even If They Still See A Pediatrician)
Understanding and utilizing your health care options are important, especially during a pandemic. Learn how to practice healthcare independence with self-advocacy, conversations with parents, and a script for cancelling appointments.

Maintaining Preventive Care During Covid-19
Continue wearing a mask in public spaces and washing hands frequently, stay well rested, and stay hydrated.

Telehealth Through Cigna
Many health care providers are offering telehealth services right now and your provider may be one of them. If not, telehealth is available through Cigna for medical or behavioral health care. Login to the Cigna portal for more information.

Telehealth Third Party: MDLIVE
Cigna has made Telehealth more accessible to their members by creating MDLIVE. MDLIVE is a way for UNH employees and dependents who use Cigna to virtually meet with providers available 24/7. 

What Is Telehealth?
Telehealth is the use of communications technologies to provide health care from a distance. It can be used for different kinds of appointments like preventive care, sick visits, management of a chronic medical condition, and behavioral health.

Preparing for In-Office Visits During Covid-19
Be sure you are feeling well and do not forget a mask and hand sanitizer. Write a list about what you want to talk about with your provider. Wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your mask and face during your appointment.

A Child-Life Specialist's Tips For Creating Normalcy For Your Kids During COVID-19
This article offers some tips to normalize the unfamiliarity for kids.

Caregiving for the Elderly
Here is a basic guide if you are new to caring for an older loved one, including how to make them feel connected and involved with their families and friends while physically distancing.

Child Mind Institute Guide For Family Support
This article features a guide for parents on daily tips, telehealth offerings, supporting your kids, taking care of your own mental health, and more.

Guidance on Providing Pediatric Care
If you are caring for a young child, use this guide for knowing when to take children for well-care visits, stay up-to-date on vaccines, and what to do if appointments have been missed due to the pandemic.

Long Distance Caregiving
If you are caring for your older loved ones from afar, use this guide for the basics of how you can effectively care for them, getting started, and useful resources.

Mindful Powers App
Kids choose stories that build on each other for a guided lesson on mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

Parenting in a Pandemic: Tips to Keep the Calm at Home
Being stuck at home can lead to tough times with your family. Try these suggestions at home to help your kids through this stressful and uncertain time.

Sesame Street Resource Apps
Download the app Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame for teaching very young children (pre-k) about the importance of mindfulness and solving everyday challenges.

Smiling Mind App
This top-rated app teaches mindfulness for all ages, featuring many activities for children.

Tips For Caregiving During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Careful planning, focusing on mental health and enforcing infection prevention practices are critical for caregivers according to the American Heart Association.

Top 16 Caregiver Apps
Use these mobile apps to help with medication organization, finding the nearest emergency services, tracking and monitoring health conditions, receiving expert advice, and maintaining your own mental health.

UNICEF Guide To Keeping Kids Safe Online
Homebound kids are spending more time online during this period of physical distancing. This guide offers tips for safe internet use.

WHO Guide To COVID-19 Advocacy
This guide addresses the importance of considering human rights as the world addresses COVID-19.

WHO Guide To Healthy Parenting
Parenting is a little tricky now as we all navigate an unchartered world. This guide offers tips for keeping your kids physically and mentally healthy.

How To Maintain A Work-Life Balance During Coronavirus
Achieving work-life balance can be tricky when your entire life takes place in a single space. This article can help create some differentiation.

The Psychology Behind Why We Lose Track Of Time In Quarantine
This article acknowledges the abnormality of life right now and offers suggestions to create normalcy by settling into a routine, prioritizing self-care, spending time outside, and more.

4 Ways To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance During The COVID-19 Pandemic
This article acknowledges the struggles of working from home and offers practical and attainable solutions to everyday stressors.

5 Rules To Live By During A Pandemic
Follow along with the New York Times' basic behaviors to stay healthy while navigating life during a pandemic.

5 Ways To Find Normalcy In The Time Of COVID-19
While “normal” might feel different than it used to, there are still ways to help you feel comfortable and calm with current circumstances as we move forward.

7 Tips For Maintaining Work-Life Balance During The COVID-19 Crisis
This article features tips on how to balance work and daily life to keep you productive and focused.

Advice For Dealing With Uncertainty, From People Who've Been There
Try out these 7 tips gathered by NPR for living through uncertain times.

Alcohol Prevention
In stressful times, it can be easy to develop an unhealthy relationship with substances like alcohol. Learn about the basics of alcohol prevention and how to address drinking habits. 

Behavioral Health Screenings
PACS offers a variety of online screenings for students. These are a quick way to determine if you or someone you care about may need to reach out to a professional for an evaluation. Healthy UNH hopes to expand screenings to employees in the near future.

Calm App
Follow along with guided meditations to reduce stress and to help you fall asleep.

CDC Guide To Coping With Stress In A Pandemic
This site offers support for coping with stress and offers information specifically related to stress from COVID-19.

CDC Guide To Daily Life And Coping
This comprehensive site includes information about disinfecting your home, living in close quarters, tips for safely spending time in public, caring for children, stress and coping, and travel in the United States.

Coping With The Fear Of Coronavirus
Cigna developed this handout to help navigate the anxiety and uncertainty that COVID-19 presents.

Emotional Wellbeing During The COVID-19 Outbreak
This listing includes resources and information for emotional support throughout the COVID-19 outbreak.

Headspace App
Follow along with guided meditations and tips for managing anxiety with apps for both adults and children.

How To Protect Your Mental Health During The Coronavirus Pandemic, According To Psychologists
This article offers tips to protect your mental health such as cutting back on news and social media exposure.

Managing Healthcare Workers’ Stress
This Webinar discusses how healthcare workers can manage the stress of both themselves and others.

Managing Stress
The National Center for PTSD offers tips on how to increase your sense of safety, staying connected, remaining calm, and improving your sense of control of your situation.

Managing Stress And Self-Care: Information For Nurses
While working through this difficult time, preserving your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Use this chart to assess your cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and physical health.

SAMHSA National Helpline
Stress is amplified for many right now. This National Helpline offers free and confidential treatment referral and information services for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders.

Staying Sane And Current On COVID-19
This article offers strategies for coping with stress and anxiety with recommended apps.

The New Hampshire Professional Health Program
This compilation of resources features services directed towards mental health, meal delivery, meditation, religion, recovery, entertainment, and parenting.

WellTrack is a self-guided and interactive resource to support your mental health and well-being. It’s easy to use and free-of-charge to UNH students, faculty and staff (anyone with an email address).

7 Mental Health Coping Tips For Life In The Time Of COVID-19
Ease your stress and worries with these simple tips that you can incorporate into your daily life. 

Adjusting To Online Classes: 10 Tips For First-Timers
If you're new to online classes, use these tips to make it easier to effectively learn online. 

Tips For Taking Online Classes: 8 Strategies For Success
Try these suggestions to make learning more effective when taking online classes.

Rethinking Our Self-Care During The Pandemic
Many things are out of our control right now, but we can control, to some degree, how we react to those things. Self-care is an important part of ensuring that we can adapt as necessary.

Self-Care During COVID-19
Checking in with your mental health is crucial during a global pandemic. Try these techniques to help you maintain your sense of self.

Self-Care Tips During The COVID-19 Pandemic
This page offers some self-care tips for physical and mental health as well as serious symptoms to watch for.

Top Self-Care Tips For Taking Care Of You During The Coronavirus Pandemic
Try out these suggestions on how to manage stress, sleep, physical activity, eating well, and more to take care of you right now.

How To Stay Socially Connected While Physically Distancing
Whether you’re a phone-only kind of person, or dialed in already with popular video platforms, there are many ways to stay socially connected while we shelter in place.

Staying Connected During COVID-19
Avoid feelings of loneliness by following these four tips.

Top Tips To Help You Stay Connected During The COVID-19 Crisis
Keep up with family and friends using technology to play games and video chat, or keep it old fashioned and write letters.

A Guide To Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers
Managers may be adapting to newly remote workers. Read about common challenges that employees face and the best ways to support your employees from afar. 

Coronavirus: Ways To Support Your Colleagues While Working Remotely
Stay connected with and offer support to your colleagues to remind everyone that we're all in this together. 

Home Ergonomic Tips Fact Sheet
Working from home can create challenges when it comes to your posture. Follow these tips to maintain a good work environment from home.  

How To Support Employees While They Work From Home
To ensure a smoother transition to remote work, managers can find best practices to improve employees' work-from-home experiences. 

Working From Home During The Coronavirus Pandemic: How To Cope
Read about experts' advice on staying productive, reducing stress, and managing your psychological well-being. 

10 Tips For Working Remotely
Learn about the basics when you're just starting out working remotely. 

26 Working From Home Tips While Self-Isolating
Navigate working from home with your partner, kids, or alone, and learn about the importance of managing stress and designating a workspace. 

50 Tips For Remote Work Life Balance
This comprehensive list offers tips on working remotely to help you stay productive and avoid a burnout.