Established in 2008 through a charge from UNH President Mark Huddleston, Healthy UNH is a program that enhances the mission of the University by supporting the lifelong health and wellness of the UNH community.


Cultivating an environment in which everyone can achieve optimal health and wellness.


Healthy UNH enhances the mission of the University by supporting the lifelong health and wellness of the UNH communities.

Guiding Principles

  • Educating our communities to be engaged health care consumers, who:
    • Advocate for their own health;
    • Create value for the money invested in medical care; and
    • Ensure that care purchased is the right care at the right time.
  • Supporting and sustaining the life-long health of our entire community, spanning multiple locations and audiences.
  • Engaging and informing our community about health and resources to maintain or improve health.
  • Advocating for positive changes to the campus to promote and improve mental and physical well-being.

4 Key Areas

Individual choices in the four focus areas impact overall health and healthcare costs. In collaboration with other departments, Healthy UNH provides education, awareness, and connections to support resources for the campus community in:

Healthier Campus Initiative

Going away to college is a time of independence, where young adults form habits that can last a lifetime. Because of this, Partnership For A Healthier America partners with colleges and universities to create campus environments that encourage and support greater physical activity and healthier eating habits. UNH began the Healthier Campus Initiative Initiative in 2014, and Healthy UNH works to help the UNH community meet the guidelines and support lifelong health and wellness practices. To learn more about the program, click here.

Healthy UNH's Campus Partners

  • Academic Advising
  • Athletics
  • Campus Planning
  • Campus Police
  • Campus Recreation
  • Center for Academic Resources
  • Conferences & Catering
  • Psychological & Counseling Services
  • Department of Kinesiology
  • Dining Services
  • Discovery Program
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate Student Senate
  • Health & Wellness
  • Human Resources
  • Memorial Union & Student Activities
  • Northeast Passage
  • Office of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
  • Office of Woodlands & Natural Areas
  • Police Department
  • Residential Life
  • Sexual Harassment & Rape Prevention Program
  • Sustainability Institute
  • Undergraduate Student Senate
  • Waysmeet Center

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