Wellness Counseling & Coaching

Wellness Wheel with Questions

Health & Wellness is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the university community. Our staff works with individuals in an affirming and positive way to educate and counsel students on the various dimensions of wellness.

Wellness educator/counselors and coaches can help you define your values and make choices about where to spend your energy to achieve your goals at UNH and beyond. 

Individual counseling/education and coaching sessions are included with your health and counseling fee, which means they are free and available to all UNH students.

Our Wellness Counselors and Coaches can support you with many aspects of wellness, including:

  • Alcohol
  • Communication & assertiveness
  • Eating concerns & body image 
  • How to help a friend
  • Mindfulness
  • Nicotine & other drugs
  • Nutrition
  • Sexual health & well-being
  • Sleep 
  • Stress & resilience

To learn more about any of these topics, visit our Wellness Topics page. 

Wellness Counseling & Coaching Options

dawn and shannon

Would you like to discover how to better understand your personal wellness, make decisions that align with your personal goals and values, and live the life you want?

Meet with a Wellness Coach!

Wellness helps you reach your full potential by becoming aware of the interconnectedness of all aspects of your life through a positive and proactive process of self-exploration. 

To understand wellness better, take a look at the Wellness Wheel. As you can see, no one area is more important than another, and all areas integrate together to create your personal wellness. 

What is wellness coaching?

Wellness coaching is an affirming and supportive process to explore your life in meaningful ways to feel better about yourself and enhance your lifestyle. 

Wellness coaches recognize that you are the expert in your own life. The role of a wellness coach is to be your partner in health to support you in creating lifestyle changes that are aligned with your personal goals and values. 

Through a collaborative process, the wellness coach works with you to enhance your strengths and turn your challenges into victories. This is done by establishing appropriate action plans, offering support when you struggle and celebrating when you succeed.  

Why meet with a Wellness Coach?

You may or may not have a goal in mind when you seek out wellness coaching, and that is okay. We can figure it out together. We will help equip you with the tools you need to succeed with any goal(s) you are working towards. Some of the ways a wellness coach can assist UNH students include:

  •  Adjust to UNH and find connections 
  • Cope with stress
  • Time management 
  • Sleep 
  • Eat well
  • Feel better about yourself 
  • Increase body movement 
  • Achieve fitness goals 
  • Assertive communication   
  • Enhance relationships
  • Enhance overall lifestyle 
  • Academic performance (test anxiety)
  • Decrease use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs 
  • Increase energy 
  • Create a positive outlook on life 

What to expect?

Our staff are trained and certified to provide wellness coaching: Shannon Seiferth, MS, CHWC and Dawn D. Zitney, MEd, CWHC. 

Listening to what matters to you is the first step in our work together to co-create concrete lifestyle goals that are appropriate and achievable. Our approach is guided by our beliefs that:

  • All individuals have the capacity to change and transform
  • Through wellness coaching you can be inspired to harness your strengths, boost your confidence and feel motivated to take action 
  • Transformation is possible, and all transformation, small or large matters 
  • It’s important to share our expertise to provide you tools, support and guidance but you are the real expert in your life
  • You can reach your full potential through lifestyle changes that align with your personal values 


In the initial wellness coaching session (50 minutes) we will learn more about each other and the coaching process and complete a personalized wellness assessment. This assessment will be used throughout your relationship with your coach to help co-design your personal wellness plan that will include the creation of targeted action steps geared towards your identified goals. Follow-up sessions will be scheduled based on your individual needs. 

Our Nutrition Educator/Counselor, Laila Hammam, is a registered dietitian who can assist you with:
  • Eating well with no time and money
  • Navigating the dining halls
  • Managing nutrition-related disease/health problems 
  • Refueling for optimal sports performance
  • Managing weight and body image concerns
  • Disordered eating behaviors
  • Getting adequate nutrients for vegetarians/vegans 
  • Mindful eating practice

mike and grace alcohol education

Meet with an ANOD (Alcohol, Nicotine, and Other Drug) Wellness Educator/Counselor to discuss where you are and where you want to be when it comes to your substance use. We will work with you to design a personalized plan to reach your goals, be it understanding your values as they relate to your substance use, reducing use, or quitting.

Were you referred to the Health & Wellness education program because you were involved in a violation of UNH policies arrested for an alcohol or other drug infraction? Learn more about Mandated Education Programs

We are also available to speak with you if you are concerned about someone else's eating concerns or use of alcohol or other drugs.

Make an Appointment

  • Call (603) 862-3823
  • Visit Health & Wellness, room 204 (2nd floor)
  • Online 

Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS)

You may find your counseling needs are better served at Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) in Smith Hall. PACS is UNH's primary mental health facility. They provide individual and group counseling and therapy for students who may be experiencing situational or ongoing psychological difficulties. Concerns students often address through PACS include: educational/academic goals, depression, anxiety, grief, eating disorders, substance abuse, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, self-harm/self-mutilation, sexual identity/orientation issues, traumatic situations or relationship issues. They also provide assistance for emotional and behavioral crises/emergencies. For additional information or an appointment, please call (603) 862-2090.