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If you would like to speak with a Wellness Educator/Counselor about learning ways to manage stress, please call (603) 862-3823 or make an appointment online. 

What is Stress?

Everyone experiences stress. And what usually causes stress are the same things that you find important. Stress can be good in that it propels you to finish that paper or study for an exam. If ignored, stress can negatively impact your academics, health and other areas of your well-being. Learn more about stress.

Wellness Coaching for Stress Relief

Coaching sessions provide you the opportunity to explore your current wellness and values and create a personalized plan – with achievable steps – that will help you reach your goals and feel good about yourself.  Our coaching is for students who are looking to reduce stress, enhance sleep, make behavior change or enhance assertive communication.

NOTE: Our wellness coaches do not specialize in treating anxiety, depression, or other mental health difficulties. If you are seeking help for these concerns, call Psychological and Counseling Services at (603) 862-2090. If you are seeking mental health medical consultation or medication, call (603) 862-2856 to speak with a nurse.  

Stress Relief Services

Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Daily Guided Meditation
    Monday – Friday, 12:30pm – 1:00pm at Health & Wellness
  • Retreats & Groups
    Offered throughout the semester. Open to UNH students only. 
  • UNH YouTube Meditations
    Meditate from anywhere with our online guided meditations, written for UNH students.
  • Biofeedback 
    Learn and practice breathing, relaxation and meditation exercises which biofeedback technology measures and monitors changes in your internal physiological state.

Massage Therapy

Paws & Relax Pet Therapy

  • Paws & Relax offers an atmosphere of support, comfort, and community for students.  Participants will have the opportunity to take a “paws” for a much needed break, meet others, and snuggle up with one of our many trained pet therapy dogs. Learn more about Paws & Relax

Light Therapy

  • Light therapy is available to help you cope with "winter blues" also known as seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression, which occurs during the winter months. Learn more about light therapy

Stress Relief Events & Programs


Visit our events page for updated listing of events and workshops.

  • Wellness Fest – October  
    Offered throughout the semester. Open to UNH students only.  Learn more about Wellness Fest
  • Random Acts of Kindness Week – February
    Let's make kindness the norm at UNH. A week-long celebration of kindness, compassion and self-care. This is our chance as a community to practice kindness towards others and ourselves. Learn more about Random Acts of Kindness Week
  • Be Well, Sleep Well – March
    Let’s make sleep a priority at UNH. This month is all about educating the UNH community about the benefits of sleep and providing education and tools to help all Wildcats get their ZZZs. Learn more about Be Well, Sleep Well 
  • Survive & Thrive Finals – December & May
    Wellness Ambassadors hit the streets every December and May to provide stress relief opportunities for their peers. Learn more about Wellness Ambassadors

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Workshops by Request

  • Our wellness educators/counselors and peer educators are available to provide educational programming for your class/group on stress, sleep, wellness and self-care. Request an educational program