If you are sexually active, you should be wearing condoms correctly and consistently every time you have sex to protect against unwanted sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unwanted pregnancy.

Quick Safer Sex Facts

  • Condoms can be used for insertive (vaginal, anal) and oral sex.
  • Dental dams are a barrier method for anal and vaginal oral sex that protect against 

Free condoms, dental dams, and lubrication are available at Health & Wellness in room 249. No questions asked. 

Are UNH Students Using Condoms?*

  • Only 47.6% of UNH students reported using a condom the last time they had vaginal sex.
  • Only 3.2% of UNH students reported using condoms or other protective barriers (dental dam) the last time they had oral sex.
  • Only 13.7% of UNH students reported using a condom the last time they had anal sex.


Condom and Dental Dam Dos

  • Talk to your partner about the importance of using condoms
  • Get free condoms and lubrication from Health & Wellness
  • Store condoms in a cool and dry place
  • Always check the expiration date
  • Make sure there are no tears or defects with the condom
  • Do use water-based lubrication to prevent breakage
  • Put the condom on before any genital contact
  • Wear the condom through the entire sex act – from start to finish

Condom and Dental Dam Don’ts

  • Don't use two condoms at once
  • Don’t reuse condoms
  • If you switch sex acts, change condoms
  • Don't use any kind of oil-based lubricants (like petroleum jellies, lotions, mineral oil, or vegetable oils) as they may damage the condom and make it rip or tear
  • Don't use condoms that are torn or expired
  • Don’t flush used condoms down the toilet

Use a Condom Correctly

Turn a Condom into a Dental Dam for Oral Sex

Turn a Latex Glove into a Condom/Dental Dam

**Image source: Human Rights Campaign

Latex or latex-free gloves can be used for safer sex. A glove can be turned into a barrier that accommodates genitals.

You can make this combo dental dam/condom from a glove by cutting a line up the pinky-finger side, removing the fingers (but be sure not to cut the thumb) of the glove, and placing the thumb hole over the genitals or strapless.

Can be used for insertive and oral sex.

Free latex gloves are available for free at Health & Wellness, room 249 (second floor).

Additional Resources

* Source:  University of New Hampshire, National College Health Assessment, 2017.

** Safer Sex for Trans Bodies, Human Rights Campaign