About the Film

In this intensely personal and powerful film, writer, activist and educator Joelle Ruby Ryan takes viewers on a journey into her life as a gender outlaw. Mixing performance footage of trans autobiographical fragments throughout the life cycle with stock footage, found images, and still photos, the video entices viewers to imagine what life outside of the gender binary is really like, up close and personal. Raw and passionate, viewers see the persecution that Joelle has faced, as well as her complex political evolution and activist awakening.

Funding for this film was provided by the Bill Kidder Tolerance Fund and Health & Wellness.

About Joelle

Dr. Joelle Ruby Ryan earned her doctorate in American Culture Studies from Bowling Green State University in Ohio in 2009.  She is currently a Lecturer in Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire, where she also sits on the President’s Commission on the Status of Women. She is the Founder of TransGender New Hampshire (TG-NH) and sits on the Steering Committee for that organization. She is on the Planning Committee for the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference and is the Founder of the Trans Caucus and the Fat Studies Interest Group of the National Women’s Studies Association.  She wrote the book Gender Quake: Poems, released in 2005. Her third autobiographical film, Transilience, was released in 2013. She is also working on several new writing projects. Her major areas of academic and activist interest include: queer, asexual and trans rights, feminism, fat studies and fat liberation, sex worker rights, and film/media criticism and production. When not speaking truth to power, she enjoys spending time with her dog, tending to her houseplants, eating out, reading, writing and watching movies. 

Co-sponsored by Health & Wellness, Women's Studies Program, Queer Studies Program, Kidder Fund, Alliance, and TransUNH.