Knowledge, Motivation and Coping Skills

The road to becoming tobacco-free can be a difficult journey for many people. When it comes to quitting smoking (or tobacco) for good, there is no quick fix. 

  • It is common for individuals to make multiple quit attempts
  • It is common for individuals to be unprepared for obstacles during this difficult journey 
  • You have already taken a first and valuable asking for some help
  • Your active participation and awareness throughout the quitting process is essential or your quitting success. Knowledge, motivation and coping skills are the three elements that will guide you in your quest to be smoke-free


Broken cigarettes

  • Quitting is a challenge
  • Learn how to start the process
  • Learn about all of your options
  • Take our quiz to see which option might be best for you...everyone is different
  • Have realistic expectations for yourself
  • Arm yourself with information...what should you expect when you stop using tobacco
  • Find out the best ways to cope with cravings
  • Learn about the resources available to assist you
  • Involve your friends, support is very important
  • If you choose a nicotine replacement or cessation drug, find out the best way to use it for maximum benefit


  • Recall your reasons for wanting to quit smoking
  • Reinforce "quitting is a huge accomplishment" to yourself
  • Set goals and reward yourself
  • Use your social support to keep you motivated

Coping Skills

  • Choose methods of stress management...fill your "toolbox" with coping strategies
  • Have a plan to deal with cravings
  • Don't beat yourself up if you relapse (slip up)
  • Don't give up, if you slip, start right back up with your plan
  • Use your social support, share your plan widely
  • Use the services offered through Health & Wellness to help you in your journey to becoming tobacco-free!