Education/Counseling Sessions

  • One-on-one confidential sessions with a Wellness Educator/Counselor 
  • Session costs are included with tuition fees for full- time students
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Your initial stress management appointment will focus on:
  • Getting to know more about you as a whole person using the wellness wheel as a guide 
  • Learning more about how you respond and feel about the event(s) in your life that are causing you stress
  • Discussing possible techniques to cope better with stress 

After the initial appointment, further sessions may be scheduled to help you clarify goals and continue to learn new coping strategies. 

Meditation and Biofeedback

Individual Meditation Sessions

  • Individual meditation sessions with our Wellness Educator/Counselor
  • These sessions are available to all UNH students and are covered by your full-time tuition fees 
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Guided Meditation Sessions

Online Guided Meditation

  • We have developed several guided meditations that you can practice in the comfort of your dorm room, apartment or desk
  • Start meditating now 


Light Therapy

  • Appointments with the  light therapy lamp is available to help you cope with "winter blues" also known as seasonal affective disorder which occurs during the winter months 
  • This service is offered at no-cost to UNH students and UNH/USNH employees and dependents 
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  • Learn more about light therapy

Massage Therapy

Pet Therapy

Reiki Circles and Acupuncture

Reiki Circles

Additional Information