Wellness Coaching

Coaching sessions provide you the opportunity to explore your current wellness and values and create a personalized plan – with achievable steps – that will help you reach your goals and feel good about yourself.  Our coaching is for students who are looking to reduce stress, enhance sleep, make behavior change or enhance assertive communication.

NOTE: Our wellness coaches do not specialize in treating anxiety, depression, or other mental health difficulties. If you are seeking help for these concerns, call Psychological and Counseling Services at (603) 862-2090. If you are seeking medication, please call (603) 862-2856.


Unwind and Recharge Wellness Workshops 

 Our fun and interactive workshops will help you understand where your stress is coming from and learn coping skills to feel good and perform better in and outside the classroom.  

Workshops will be from 1pm – 2pm in Health & Wellness Satellite Office at HRC. Registration is NOT required. Open to the UNH community.



You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup – Coping with Stress

Understanding your personal wellness will help you identify stressors and find ways to cope that work for you. You’ll learn about the 8 dimensions of wellness and be guided through creative activities to raise self-awareness to actively bring more balance to your well-being. 




Mindfulness and Free Glitter Jars

It is believed that the human has between 60,000 – 80,000 thoughts a day, and that doesn’t include all the feelings that usually accompany thoughts. This isn’t necessarily helpful when you’re trying to manage school and other responsibilities. You’ll learn how practicing mindfulness can assist in concentration, emotional wellness and general well-being. Creation of personal glitter jars will be used as a metaphor to better understand mindfulness. Guided mindfulness and meditation practice will be included. Please dress comfortably. 



Napercise and Free Sleep Kits 

Sleep is crucial to academic success and general well-being. You’ll be guided through a 20-minute power nap and learn about the importance of sleep for cognitive clarity and relaxation. Aromatherapy will be used to help facilitate sleep and rejuvenation. Each participant will get a free sleep kit. Please dress comfortably, you will be napping



2-Minute Stress Relievers

 All it takes is 2 minutes – or even less – to tap out of the stress response and into the relaxation response. You’ll learn and practice stress and relaxation techniques that can be used in and outside of the classroom to minimize the negative effects of stress.

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Meditation and Biofeedback

In-Person Guided Meditation

Online Guided Meditation



Light Therapy

  • Light therapy is available to help you cope with "winter blues" also known as seasonal affective disorder which occurs during the winter months 
  • This service is offered at no-cost to UNH students and UNH/USNH employees and dependents 
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Massage Therapy

Pet Therapy