Questions for Men

Some thought-provoking questions for men to ask and answer. 

  1. How did you learn to be a man? Were there different rules for boys and girls in your family? What was your father's ideal of masculinity? Femininity? Your mother's?
  2. Who were your early heroes and role models? What characters from books, movies, or T.V. presented you with images of men you imitated?
  3. What kind of ceremonies or symbolic activities marked your passage from boyhood into manhood? Who initiated you into this experience?
  4. How, ideally, would you initiate your son into manhood? What would you say to him about the difficulties and joys of being a man?
  5. What is hardest about being a man? What do you resent? What expectations and roles have informed and negatively affected your life?
  6. What pleasures and privileges do you enjoy as a man?
  7. In what ways do women have it easier? Harder?
  8. How competitive do you feel with other men? To feel okay about yourself do you need to be one-up, smarter, more powerful, move accomplished than the men around you?
  9. Are you afraid men would despise you or take advantage of you if they knew your hidden weaknesses?
  10. What is power? Is there a difference between strength and power?
  11. In what circumstances do you feel powerless? Impotent? What do you do when you can't control the situation?
  12. Do you empower others? How?
  13. Under what conditions are you most at ease sexually? One night-stands? Long-term relationships? Masturbation?
  14. What are the factors in your life that cause you the most stress? How do you deal with stress?
  15. How do you experience intimacy? Is it physically, sexually emotionally, or spiritually? Or some combination? How is intimacy different with women than with other men?
  16. What nurtures your soul? Do you give yourself permission to do this?