Men Do Yoga

Men Do Yoga


What do all these professional athletes have in common?

  • Eddie George, NFL running back and Heisman Trophy winner
  • Barry Zitto, MLB pitcher and Cy Young Award winner
  • Kevin Garnett, NBA superstar
  • Sean Burke, All-Star NHL goaltender
  • David Duval, golf professional
  • Justin Gimelstop, top-ranked tennis player


They all regularly practice yoga as a way of improving their physical and mental game and assisting their bodies and minds in staying healthy during and after their athletic careers.


Eddie George has used yoga to strengthen his upper body to avoid injury. Kevin Garnett and Barry Zitto both rely on breathing and relaxation techniques learned during yoga when they are in the game. Sean Burk uses Yoga to increase his balance, strength and flexibility. And David Duval and Justin Gimelstop incorporate Yoga into their daily workouts.

Once thought of as a predominately female "thing" or "too new age," men are catching on to the benefits of yoga. According to a Harris poll commissioned by the Yoga Journal, men now make up approximately 23 percent of America's 15 million yoga enthusiasts. And yes, that number includes college men!

Men and Yoga

All men, not just professional athletes, are turning to yoga to:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Increase strength and muscle tone
  • Enhance balance and body control
  • Improve breathing and oxygen intake
  • Strengthen immune, nervous, digestive and circulatory systems
  • Reduce stress and its effects on the body
  • Prevent injuries and speed recovery
  • Alleviate back pain
  • Raise energy levels
  • Enhance sex lives
  • Relax mentally and physically
  • Increase sleep and decrease fatigue
  • Increase self-awareness

Yoga can be both physically and mentally challenging. Some men use Yoga for its health and body benefits while others use it to calm the mind, relax the body and become more aware of the connection between the mind and body. Yoga can also be physically challenging. As with all new exercise routines, it may take you a few sessions to learn the proper technique and begin to feel the benefits.

It is never too late to start practicing yoga and Health & Wellness has many great resources to help you get started. So, what are you waiting for?

Yoga Resources

Not ready for a class? Want to learn more? Try a DVD or book instead. Health & Wellness Resource Library (Second Floor of Health & Wellness) has several resources available for students to check out.