Men and Alcohol

Men and Alcohol

"Kid you better look around. How long you think that you can run that body down? How many nights you think that you can do what you've been doing? Who, now who you fooling?" - Paul Simon

Men and Drinking

Society presumes that when college men drink, they are simply being men at college, OR what they perceive men at college to be. This is an inaccurate presumption.

Possible Side Effects of High-Risk Drinking

  • Brain damage
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Sexual difficulties including impotence and infertility
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Impaired motor skills - nearly 50% of traffic fatalities involving males are due to alcohol impairment
  • Long lasting effects on family and friends
  • Increased risks of having accidents
  • Alcohol overdose, which can include passing out, vomiting, coma, or death
  • Regretted decisions.

Other Known Facts

Men outnumber women in virtually every category of drinking behavior, be it high-risk use, over consumption, frequency of intoxication, and problem drinking

Alcohol related car crashes are the leading cause of death for 16-24 year olds

In the U.S., 1,400 college students die each year from drinking-related causes

Know that about 80% of UNH students party two nights a week OR LESS

If you drink, lower your risks by:

  • Setting a limit and sticking to it
  • Eating a full meal before drinking
  • Saying no when you don't want a drink
  • Don't mix alchol with other drugs, including non-prescription medications and energy drinks
  • Track your number of drinks
  • Stay with a buddy
  • Spread your drinks out
  • Alternate an alcohol beverage with a non-alcoholic beverage
  • Always know what you are drinking; never leave your drink unattended.

Realize that you are genetically more susceptible to alcoholism if someone in your family is alcoholic

If you think that you have to prove yourself by drinking with your friends, FIND NEW FRIENDS.


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