"To be Fierce and Fabulous means to be yourself and to love the things that make you who you are. With that, everything else will fall into place." - Participant



Read what past participants have to say about their experience in the Being Fierce and Fabulous Group! These testimonials come directly from women who have participated in the group. 

As a result of this group...

  • " I will use self-affirmations, to feel better about myself when I'm down and to not be so critical and harsh on myself."
  • "I will take more risks and not be afraid of experiences and feelings I do not know."
  • "I will be more assertive and cut myself some slack – I don’t have to be perfect."
  • "Love myself for all my strengths and weakness! I am a work in progress."
  • "I will be more open to receiving love from people."
  • "I will incorporate the techniques I learned (meditation, affirmations) to keep myself balanced, emotionally."

I learned...

  • "I learned that other people have the same concerns I do. I learned how to speak up and confront people when they do something that upsets me. This group emphasized that you really don't know what happens in someone's personal life so you shouldn't judge others."
  • "How to embrace myself and find acceptance in my strengths and weaknesses that I do have a lot to offer in a relationship wither romantic or other."
  • "That the only person I need to be concerned about liking or loving me is myself."
  • "So many important skills and heard so many words of wisdom. The support I received helped me so much. I feel for the first time in my life I like the person I am, and I am hopeful. I feel I'm finally back in control of the way I feel."
  • "How to deal with emotions better."
  • "A great deal about myself."
  • "I have knowledge to be happy."
  • "Important tools on how to foster and encourage my growth as a young woman."
  • "About self-esteem and the unique qualities I possess as a woman."
  • "How to express myself which is helpful with first impressions in college. I learned how to interact better with new people I don't know and
  • how to make an impression that is more representative of who I am as a person."
  • "That taking care of yourself from the inside out is essential to living a fulfilling life."

Additional Comments...

  • "I had a really great experience in Fierce and Fabulous. Thank you I will take what I learned and apply it to the rest of my life."
  • "I was very apprehensive about this group. I only joined it because one of the counselors I see recommended that it would be good for me. I decided to give it a try and to my surprise I loved it. I loved to peaceful and welcoming environment. I looked forward to coming every week and I always felt comfortable sharing with the group and knew no one their would judge or criticize what I had to say."
  • "I truly enjoyed coming to this group each week! Thank you so much!"
  • "A lot of the group discussions opened my eyes to other perspectives and made me feel less alone with what I was dealing with."
  • "The most beneficial aspect of the group was the community setting - it was better than therapy in a way because it's not so isolating."
  • "I loved this group, it is sad to leave."
  • "Finding a friend and having someone to talk to was the most beneficial aspect of this group."
  • "I wish this group was longer!"
  • "Hearing from other people really helped me realize I’m not alone and I gained perspective."