Nourish UNH


Students educating students is based on the belief that students are more receptive and learn better from informed, educated peers.  Acquiring knowledge, skills and confidence helps Nourish UNH nutrition peer educators enhance their own knowledge, attitudes and beliefs related to nutirion.  Nourish UNH nutrition peer educators love food, nutrition and sharing information about eating well with the UNH community.


Expectations of Nourish UNH Nutrition Peer Educators

  • Commit to being a Nourish UNH nutrition peer educator for at least 2 semesters (fall 2018 for training and spring 2019 for programming implementation)
  • Complete mandatory peer education training
  • Work collaboratively with Health & Wellness staff and other peer education groups
  • Signed agreement to be a part of the Health & Wellness Team
  • Time commitment of approxicamtely 3 hours/week
  • Weekly meetings (60 minutes/week)
  • Participation on sub-committee (60 minutes/week), as needed
  • Implementation of health promotion activities  (60-90 minutes/week)
  • Attend monthly training on healthy specific topics (1 hour/month)
  • Attend UNH events as a peer educator (1 x/month)


  • Annual National Nutrition  Expo 
    Celebrate National Nutrition Month in March and "Go Further with Food".  This year's theme for National Nutrition Month encourages us to achieve the numerous benefits healthy eating habits offer, but it also urges us to find ways to cut back on food waste.  Learning how to manage food resource will help you "Go Further with Food",  while saving both nutrients and money.  Come check it out and discover UNH organizations, local businesses and restaurants. 
  • What's Cooking? Classes
    Led by Nourish UNH peer educators, UNH students can learn how eating healthy can be tasty, budget-friendly, and easy to prepare.  Classes are free to UNH students and each class features a different menu. 

Applications Due March 26 

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