Great American Smokeout

Every year, on the third Thursday of November, smokers across the nation take part in the American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout. The event challenges people to stop using tobacco and helps people know about the many tools they can use to quit and stay quit. 

Why You Should Quit

After quitting for:

  • 20 MINUTES, your heart rate drops
  • 12 HOURS, carbon monoxide levels in your blood drop to normal
  • 2-3 WEEKS, your heart attack risk drops and lung function begins to improve
  • 1-9 MONTHS, coughing and shortness of breath decreases
  • 1 YEAR, you are 50% less likely to have heart disease than smokers
  • LONGTERM, you are less likely to have lung cancer, gum disease, breathing problems, and stomach ulcers.

We Can Help

You will be most successful in kicking your tobacco habit when you have support and utilize multiple measures rather than using only one. For example, some people use a nicotine replacement product along with meditation and counseling. The good news is, we offer many services to help you kick your tobacco habit to the curb ... for good!

Observe the 20 Foot Rule

According to UNH policy, smoking is not allowed within 20 feet of any building or intake unit on campus. If you choose to smoke, be aware of this policy to help decrease the health effects of secondhand smoke.