Contraceptive Options Video and Questionnaire

Contraceptive Methods 

This video was created to assist students at the University of New Hampshire make well-informed decisions regarding contraceptive options. Health & Wellness carries many of the options presented in this film but not all of them. All students who are first-time users of contraceptives, and seeking a prescription from a Health & Wellness clinician are required to view this video in its entirety and complete the post-questionnaire below.


If you are having technical difficulties watching the video, please call (603) 862-3823.  If you have any questions about any of the material presented, ask your provider at your follow-up appointment


We are only asking you to answer these questions so that we can determine how effective the Contraceptive video is. You will not be graded. After completing the questionnaire you will be able to view your results and the correct answers.

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