Being Well

The transition to college is exciting. You’ll have great opportunities for learning in and outside the classroom. We can help you get off on the right foot and keep your wellness wheel balanced. We offer wellness education/counseling for stress management, relationships, substance use, chronic illness, nutrition, and more. We offer yogameditationmassage, and more. We’ll help you build the skills you need to be well. 

Getting Well

Being sick away from home doesn’t need to be stressful - especially if you're prepared. When you’re packing for the fall, be sure to:


You are allowed to keep prescription and over-the-counter medications in your on-campus housing. If you have medication that has psychotropic effects or requires the use of needles for administration, we encourage you to keep these safeguarded from theft in a hidden lock box. You can purchase over-the-counter medications and get prescription medications filled at the pharmacy.

Chronic Illness

Are you living with a chronic illness? Meet with our community health nurse to find out how Health & Wellness works with specialists and primary care providers to coordinate services and provide care such as monitoring health/illness, lab work, etc. You’ll also learn about additional UNH resources, peer support, what to do when you’re sick, and more.

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