Upcoming Meetings & Events

WE REPRESENT YOU! And we need to hear from you about any issues relating to graduate students at UNH. Attending a meeting will give you an idea of how the GSS operates and the issues we address. There is no pressure to volunteer and lunch is always provided.

The GSS meeting schedule for the Fall 2020 semester is listed below. All meetings are open to the public.

Upcoming GSS General Meeting Dates & Locations

Day Date Time Location
Wednesday 5/12/21 12 - 1:30 pm Zoom

** Contact grad.student.senate@unh.edu for information to join the Zoom meeting.


Upcoming GSS Social Events

In an attempt to foster a sense of community among the graduate student population at UNH, the GSS hosts programs and events throughout the year. The dates of our upcoming programming events are below. 


Date Time Location  



**You must be in the UNH COVID testing program to attend in-person events. Valid WildcatPass, masks, and registration are required.