Current Graduate Student Issues

The UNH Graduate Student Senate is constantly addressing the needs and interests of UNH graduate students on all three UNH campuses (Durham, Manchester, Concord).

While the GSS maintains constantly vigilant on some issues concerning graduate students (i.e. mandatory fees, health insurance, and graduate housing), we are also regularly discussing other issues, initatives, events, and policy changes on campus that may affect graduate students.

Below are some of the current issues that the GSS has been discussing:

  • Campus Rec. fees

  • Common Exam Hour

  • Funding regarding the Center for Global, Race, and Diversity Studies

  • UNH's Anti-Bias Language Guide
  • Clarity on Assistantship Policies and Processes

Check out our meetings (see Upcoming Meetings & Events page or the calendar on our homepage) or the meeting minutes on Meeting Minutes & Resolution page to find out more!

If you are interested in the any of the current issues that the GSS is discussing or would like to bring another issue or concern to our attention, please contact us at or attend one of our upcoming meetings.