UNH Emeriti Council Student International Service Initiative Grant

S. Melvin Rines '47
S. Melvin Rines '47

At the initiation of S. Melvin Rines ’47 (left), and with his generous support, the Emeriti Council of the UNH Foundation Board has established a fund to assist groups of UNH students to engage in an international service project.  This funding is available to existing student organizations as well as independently-formed student groups with a service project that is supported by their department(s).

In San Pedro De Casta, Peru, UNH-Students Without Borders members examine the water distribution box and piping system
UNH-Students Without Borders members examine
the water distribution box and piping system in
San Pedro De Casta, Peru

The UNH Emeriti Council Student International Service Initiative Fund (EC SISI)  is intended to enable UNH students to bring their knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise to solve real world problems in developing areas of the world in partnership with regional stakeholders and/or INGO's. The grants provide funding to augment student groups' own fundraising activities. The amount of the awards, typically in the range of $3,000 - $10,000, will depend on the merit and scope of the proposals.  It should be noted that during this period of no travel, that awards will be adjusted according to the financial needs of virtual projects.

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Grant Application
□ Deadline for spring 2021, summer 2021 or fall 2021

Friday April 15 at noon

Notification of awards -

Mid May

Grant Criteria

The UNH Emeriti Council will consider the overall quality and merit of the proposal, as well as the following in evaluating applications:

  1. Project preparation, fundraising and implementation plan.
  2. How the community abroad is engaged in project needs assessment, planning, and implementation.
  3. Beneficial impacts for the community where the project is conducted.
  4. Long term impact of the project for the community where the project is conducted.
  5. Benefits to scholarship and/or student learning and/or enhancement of educational quality at UNH.
  6. How the project results will be shared with the University community.

◙  The Emeriti Council strongly encourages multi-year, multi-phase projects that establish a relationship with international communities of need. In this way, a group of students could, for example, work remotely on a project in AY21, but another group of students could continue and expand the project, including out-of-country when travel is once again feasible. This approach would allow students from one year of the project to assume a leadership opportunity to help guide the next cohort, passing on the commitment to service to later generations of students.

◙  EC SISI Grant award is contingent on the student group raising a portion of the funds needed for the project.

◙  EC SISI Grant award is not meant to be an ongoing funding source.  

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Each group should be an officially recognized UNH student organization or group sponsored by a UNH department.
  • Have a faculty/staff advisor(s).
  • All students participating in the project must establish eligibility for an International Experience.

Application Requirements:

In order to complete the application form, you should use Adobe Acrobat Reader 2017. You will need to save the form to your desktop prior to entering any information. When finished, save the file again as: ecsisi-grant-application-groupname.pdf. Submit completed form and other application components as one pdf document to Kendall.Gray@unh.edu

This application consists of the following seven components:

□      The completed Emeriti Council Student International Service Grant Application Form.
□      A written description of the project (maximum four pages) that one-by-one addresses each of the six Grant Criteria.
□      Faculty Advisor(s) letter of support.

  • Letter should describe the advisor’s involvement and supervision of the project; how long the advisor has been working with the students; and, an assessment of the project’s viability.

□      Detailed project budget and timeline, including all sources of funding.

During this time of virtual projects, EC SISI grant funds could be used to cover any of the following:
• Funds needed directly for the student project (materials for developing a prototype, software needed for data analysis, etc.) and distance implementation
• Funding that the students can use to implement the service-learning need identified with the partner. This would provide an incentive for these organizations to engage with a UNH EC SISI student group with the knowledge that they would have some financial resources to support the development and implementation of a project they will co-create with the UNH students and implement
• Reimbursement for students to implement project e.g., regional domestic travel (mileage)
□      Background information that would inform the UNH Emeriti Council about your group’s mission, goals and history.
□      List all students involved in the project.  Each group member should submit an individual statement (max. 400 words) explaining why he/she is involved with the organization and the service project.
□     Additional accompanying materials such as: history/description of local partner organizations/sponsors, previous service projects at this location, and other relevant supporting documents (max. four pages).

Dates & Instructions:
□      No late or incomplete applications will be accepted.
□      E-mail a complete grant application with all required and supporting documents as one pdf   to: Kendall.Gray@unh.edu
□      Deadline: April 15, 2021 at noon for spring '21, summer '21 and fall '21 project proposals.

□      Notification of awards: Mid May

□      Post-Grant Publicity:

  • Recipients are required to complete a final activity report that will cover the outcomes of the project objectives, including itemized budget expenditures.  The group has to produce an approximately 3-minute video highlighting the on-site project work and impact on the local community and UNH participants or an article about the experience for the Global Education Center website.  Talk to your Faculty Advisor about the possibility of presenting about the groups experience abroad at the Undergraduate Research Conference.